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How to reduce size of photos.
Free software to reduce size of pictures.

If you need to send pictures by e-mail or posted on the Internet, they must be compact, graphics file formats themselves compress the data, so significantly reduce their size by using the archiver will not work. You can use PhotoShop, or Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but faster to use a special program for image compression.


  • Does not change the original files.
  • Processes all files in a folder and all subfolders.
  • Allows you to reduce the size, relative to the original image and enter in the absolute frame.
  • Allows you to change the JPEG compression quality level .

Input Folder: Select the folder in which there are photos or graphics files which should be reduced in size. If the folder contains subfolders and they also have to handle select Process subfolders.

Output Folder: Create and select a new folder where you want to put the small pictures. If the folder already contains files, they will be replaced by the newly created.

Size: In the "Relative" mode, all images will be reduced in accordance with a given factor.

Mode "Absolute" will be reduced only photos whose size falls outside the specified limits. To prepare the images for viewing on your screen, this mode is preferable. If the flag "Enable Rotation" is set, the frame will be rotated so that the most consistent side frames the larger side of the image. If all the pictures had turned under the necessary angle, setting this flag to be feasible.

JPEG Quality: Allow vary the size of the image depending on quality. Recommended compression quality = 75.

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