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Work time counter.

This easy tool allows you to keep track of time working with computers. It's very simple when you start, press the Start, as soon as you get up to rest, press the Stop. Thus switched off the timer.

The upper meter indicates the total time per day. The bottom shows last session time.

If you are finished, but forgot to click Stop, and the counter continues to tick, use the menu "Clear Last" to clear the last session and summarize it to daytime.

At the end of the day go to the menu and click "Save Day", to save total day time and reset the counters. This can be done in the morning before work.

Edit TaskList.txt, according to your purpose, each line is the name of a task (project). Place the file in the current directory of the program. The task list will be loaded into the program. Before turning on the counter, select from the list, a project that going to do.

DayTime.txt contain strings for each day.

Date Total Day Time HH:MM

When you press Stop button, program adds to TaskLog.txt string in format

Date Time Task Name Last session time Last session time HH:MM   seconds count HH:MM

On "Export Task" command, program open TaskLog.txt file and calculate daily time spend for selected task. Create file  [Task Name].txt and write daily history in format

Date Total Day Time Total Day Time minute count H:MM

and the last line contain the total time spent on this task


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