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Program for frequent copying files.

Program for frequent copying files. Allows you to specify a filter for the file name, copy only changed files. Processes folder and all subfolders. Works with the configuration file

  • which can be specified in the command line:SynchronizeFolders.exe SyncFoldersCfg.txt
  • or selected using the button "Select".

The configuration file has the format:


(!) First, set the values of folder processing parameters, then the source directory, completes the name of the destination folder.

Example configuration file.:
  • (!) Settings are saved for next folder.
  • COPYTO creates a task with the given above parameters.

In this example, all the files from the local folder "D:\WORK"  will be copied into directories with the same name on two computers in the network, if the file name matches one of the filters given in FILTER, and the file last modification time is greater than the same in destination folder.

Flag "Test Mode" is used to verify FILTER parameter in this mode, files are not deleted but only recorded in the log file.

Possible options.

FILTER * Specifies a list of masks separated by ';'
INVERSEFILTER FALSE If  TRUE, it will delete all files except matching mask
PROCESSSUBFOLDERS TRUE FALSE = Subfolders are not processed
CREATELOG FALSE TRUE = Create log file.
LOGFILE NO Log file path
SHOWLOGTTH FALSE TRUE = Show log file after completion of processing
AUTORUN FALSE TRUE to work through the command line, starts processing immediately after start of the program
TRUE to work through the command line, TRUE to work through the command line, close "clear folders" after completion of processing
COPYFROM NO Source folder path
COPYTO NO Destination folder path


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